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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BIG LIST: Submit Your Blog TO Search Engines


*BOOSTABILITY* Super easy. Must provide a business telephone number with your website entry but that's it. Soon as you submit your blog or website you receive this confirmation:"Congratulations. Your website has been submitted to: Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines!" (It's that easy!)
MORE FREE BLOG ENGINES but these require a reciprocal link or email subscription. *know of a blog search engine that's NOT on this list? Leave a comment and I'll update this!*

Too see what it looks like to reciprocate with each of the following blog search engines, scroll to the bottom of my main character's blog:

MORE SITES. (The Following Services Charge A Fee)
  • LS intuitive. After spending 10+ minutes trying to figure out how to submit my blog URL I gave up).

Author Tami Jackson is published by SunTiger MOJO

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping For Sound Effects

All this week, as I think about how to best market Ravena & The Resurrected (present the book to the world) I keep feeling as though I should also begin recording it for circulation as an audio book.

That means I'm going through the very fun process of searching for relevant sound effects. I am really happy with the many appropriate sounds I am finding at 

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Group Just Starting On Facebook - Ravena & The Resurrected Readers

I've started a new group for anyone whose purchased Ravena & The Resurrected. If you're reading the book and want to share thoughts about it ... request to join by contacting me at and I'll add you!
HOT AND Get yourself some R&R! (Ravena & The Resurrected) SNEAK PREVIEW: chapters 1 & 34 HERE for review!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Reader Review Just Came In! {Whoot!}

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 
Love It!, November 19, 2010
By JJCoffeeBeanThis review is from: Ravena & The Resurrected
To say Ravena is a page turner is an understatement. It's a, turn off the phone, ignore the door bell, stay in your PJs all weekend kind of book. As a person who loves Seattle, I found it captured the feeling of the city like only a native of Seattle could. As a lover of good novels, I didn't want to stop reading. It's a fantasy book that holds on to reality, adding depth and provoking thought. I would recommend it for anyone who loves Seattle, Vampires, or just a good read.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Releasing That New Book: "Painful"

Putting one's heart on her sleeve while revealing her art to the world is naive. Reviewers write: "I would never have bothered with them (writing book reviews) had it not been for a perverse idea to poke fun at them (the authors)." ~ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This is my observation as I grit my teeth and send out press releases for Ravena & The Resurrected.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Published To Amazon

Attempting to get my eBook published on Amazon's Kindle was a rather ominous chore. The first problem was that I had designed Ravena & The Resurrected so every chapter began with an attractive image for its header. I wanted my book to stand out from the crowd, after all. 

Here's an example (click on it to enlarge.)
Unfortunately, images create all sorts of problems when converting them to eReader formats. Following instructions and importing the drawings according to every tedius detail produced no good result. Kindle threw ink spots all over the character faces and added lines and black marks to the background.

After repeatedly emailing Amazon for tech support (to no avail) I communicated with Smashwords (Smashwords also converts eBook submissions into a Kindle compatible format). Mark from Smashwords advised me to convert the .png images, that Amazon said should work, into .jpeg image files instead. That, Mark said, will reportedly resolve the Kindle-adding-blotches problem.

* I'd like to thank Smashwords for its awesome tech support! Their tech support is so incredibly fast, helpful and communications with Smashwords always proved productive. * 

*I personally decided NOT to publish the book with images (after all that work designing every header) because my sources told me they never see images on their eReaders anyway.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is The Vampire Resurgence Good For Society? {Controversial Honest Post}

I think the vampire resurgence is a whole lot of fun. I also think it's rather healthy. I'm sure it keeps some people from feeling depressed about the way things are in ordinary reality.


1. Vampires defy death. If you're sickly kid growing up -- you can imagine being turned vampire & never having to be sick ever again. That's a pretty picture, in my opinion.

2. Vampires can beat up scary creatures. So if someone is hiding in my closet, & I'm a vampire, it's the closet monster who better watch out! (Also, if a little kid thinks his or her parent is a big bad-*** vampire, then scary monsters under the bed better feel very afraid & NOT come out or the kid's parent will certainly deal harshly with it!)

3. Traditionally, vampires tend to have only one true love. That's the most romantic scenario I can imagine. It's what most young people fantasize about & yearn for when they first start dating. While that might not become everyone's reality, on many levels (e.g., health, emotional & for the sake of community & social commitment) the example that vampires set for romance, in the historic vampire sense, is really healthy. 

4. Vampires also set a wonderful example for dealing with criminals & other human predators. They can mesmerize deviant people & get them to do their bidding. Learning to use your mind when confronting villains is usually much more productive than challenging miscreants to a sumo wrestling match. 

5. So many things about our current civilization, the slow economy, climate change, the tsunami's & poverty (thinking New Orleans - Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Tsunami, more) are depressing. Fantasizing about vampires will always offer a wonderful escape from ordinary status quo & hardship.

6. I actually believe in vampires the same way I have witnessed ghostly activity. If you've ever been laying in bed at night & had a dark entity hover over your bed while you're still wide awake ... you know what I'm talking about. What we read in books & watch on television is quite different from that sort of vampire. Even still, I think having fantasy novels teach us about what's out there in the paranormal realm is needed since so few writers who present this topic as "nonfiction" get read very often.

7. I know there are many people who dress like vampires & behave in a very vampire manner. I think for them "vampire" is also healthy and good. They feel like they finally have a community where they can connect on a deep & spiritual level. There's a whole culture based on vampire lore that gives such individuals a sense of belonging (a sense of community that they need & deserve to have). 

#7 is not the kind of vampire I'm talking about when I say I believe vampires really exist. While I am confident that there are energy vampires (e.g., people & spirits) who make folks like you & me feel very tired after being with them for just a moment or two, I also know from personal experience that there are predatory vampires living at a different vibration than us. It's as though they're from a different metaphysical realm. Those types of vampires tend to wake people from their sleep & attack them physically. They are what today's mental health clinicians dismiss as mere "sleep paralysis." In contrast, having talked to many people who suffered such vampire attacks, I believe people are genuinely getting attacked & they resent being told they were just dreaming (when they know they were fully alert & awake).

8. Vampire romance novels offer a healthy alternative to divorcing a spouse who is sexually undesirable, impotent or too sickly to satisfy a woman's sexual needs. Many women resort to reading romance novels as a means to have their emotional-sexual needs met without ever risking temptation for having an affair with another person.

9. Playing Vampire Wars on Facebook is really cool because, unlike ordinary reality, the game gives people the opportunity to advance at something based upon their own merit. (So much about going to work and watching lazy slimy people, the kind who are suck-ups, get promoted -- passing by the hardest working people, ethical employees who only see their paychecks dwindling as they are taken advantage of, well, Vampire Wars offers a welcomed escape from all of that ridiculous political stuff).

That's my take on it.

~  Tami Jackson

Author of Ravena & The Resurrected
Ravena's blog:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Seattle Inspired The Werewolf & Vampire Novel: Ravena & The Resurrected (R&R)

by author Tami Jackson

The City of Seattle definitely inspired this dark urban fiction with the city's very unique personality. Growing up here, I didn't realize what made Seattle so special (besides its cloudy darkness) until, at 18, I moved down south and spent the following ten years moving up and down the east side of the USA. While I loved the people out east, neither the mountains nor trees grew as big as they do around Seattle.

Then, here just more than a year ago, when I started writing R&R, I took a back pack trip to New York City and wandered the many streets, alone, there. That's when I realized, that as much as I really liked the very fast pace in NY and felt like I really fit in there, Seattle was much wilder, wetter, and untamed. What better place to attract vampires?

Nature influences people who live in Seattle in ways no other city can boast about. The natural environment here reacts so quickly to human interaction (e.g., moss will grow on our cars if we don't wash it off soon enough and changing the direction of a river can cause a horrific and negative impact on marine life). That's why Seattleites can behave like recycling Nazis when they travel some place where the people don't recycle.

When it dawned upon me that the fury of a recycling Seattleite could be something a vampire found to be a worthy foe ~ well, there you have it. That's how Seattle inspired R&R!

Converting PowerPoint To A Video File For YouTube.

To post a PowerPoint video on YouTube you must first convert your ppt file to an MPEG or other video format that PowerPoint accepts. 

PowerPoint Converstion To Video

To convert my PowerPoint video into a Mpeg file (a video file that's compatible with YouTube) I first tried Acoolsoft (free download version). That software would not even open my PowerPoint file (I have MS Office version 2007). I downloaded the Acoolsoft software twice, using different browsers, in case there was a compatibility issue with the first download. Unfortunately, I had the same problem again where the software proved not to work. I finally removed the program from my computer; it was that pathetic.

Then? Partial success! I networked through a FREE on-line conversion server called AuthorStream. Right away, with no financial investment, my ppt converted into a file that could be shared on-line by posting it to Facebook and embedding it into my blog. Unfortunately, I realized one slide processed too quickly and I had to reload it -- which meant I ruined my free trial opportunity. So I purchased "video credits." After paying $10 through PayPal ... it looks like this: