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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Answer On Yahoo Answers [Again]

I love it when someone selects the answer I provide on Yahoo Answers as "The Best Answer." Here's another example. (I don't know that answering questions is very productive from a marketing standpoint. Meanwhile - it's a great way to take breaks from manuscript writing and can stimulate more topic ideas for blogging!)

Resolved Question


Where do rich people live?

I'm writting a novel, it's a lot like Gossip Girl but the main charecteur is more based on Blair Waldorf. I need a few answers on this topic:
-Where does she live?

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    The answer to your question depends on whether she's going to a be a millionaire miser who came upon money by hard work or whether she inherited it all (with no effort on her part).

    People who inherit money tend to flaunt cash a lot more than people who may have endured hardship and became ridiculously wealthy by being frugal. Since you say her family earned the dough ... I'm assuming she's a pampered princess. Therefore she would want to live in Holliwood, Vegas or some other flashy place that promotes false eyelashes and breast implants (where she could really flaunt her assets).

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    When You Write, Do You Make Up Words?

    I often make up words when I write. Here are some examples.

    In Ravena & The Resurrected, "gawd" refers to nobody. It's not a noun but an expression. (Not even the sound of it can take anyone's name in vain.) "You look like John Lennon for gawds sakes.” What sort of made-up words do YOU like to use?


    49:55 - “Abracadabra rawyahpadabrah, hocus-pocus locusts focus, mumbo jumbo gumbo come-boh!”

    49:56 - “Is this some sort of joke? I asked, feeling hugely distracted by the ridiculous chant now escaping Quealuh’s tight lips. Something seemed very out of place and I tried to wrap my mind around what was happening.

    • "Clanpire" and "Clanpires" (vampires living in the same lair)
    • "Gawd" (merely an expression)
    • "Gothpire" (Gothic vampire)
    • "Hepire" (male vampire)
    • "Merpeople" (think you can find this word in the dictionary? Think again.)
    • "Pastarian" (Ravena only eats pastries, and drinks coffee. She consumes nothing else while human)
    • "Protectress" (this word, describing a female protector, also belongs in the dictionary)
    • "Shepire" (female vampire)
    • "Watchpire" (vampire standing watch).
    *What sort of words do YOU use?

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Short Story Writing Contest

    Michelle Corbett, of Where Flowers Bloom fame is hosting a very short (shorter than short) writing contest. The prize? A free electronic copy of Ravena & The Resurrected ($9.99 value). The winner will be announced on February 18th, the same day I interview with Michelle on that blog.

    Here's the contest details: (braniac writing contest)

    Thursday, January 20, 2011


    Stephanie Haddad, from over at Beyond the Bookshelf ( is hosting a contest in anticipation of the author interview she'll be hosting with me, there, as her special guest, on February 25th. If you want to win a FREE copy, of Ravena & The Resurrected, you'd better hop on over to Stephanie's blog NOW because the contest just began (and it is all about leaving the first 15 comments, in a response to her blog postings, over the next few days) Contest rules are explained in detail at: .

    *I hope YOU win!*
    (subscribe to this blog and I'll RTF)

    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    It's Weird. I know.

    I genuinely enjoy answering questions posted on-line. It's almost as fun as hosting a "Dear Abby" column. What's even better? Getting voted "best answer" by people reading the posts. (It honestly happens!)

    Below is one example. 

    Yahoo Answers 

    How do i have a 17/18 year old boy react when he sees his mother that left him 5 years ago?

    In my story a boy is eighteen, he has a sixteen year old brother. His dad is quite abusive. When their mother left (because of drug use) the father took all the anger out on the kids. One day as the 17/18 year old boy comes home he finds his little brother beaten to death and dead on the floor. Well he goes to live with his girlfriend after he gets his dad arrested( this story is actually mostly from the girlfriends perspective because it's easier to write about a guys amazing looks from a girls perspective) anyways he then runs into his mom one day at the grocery store. She explains how she is drug free. She tells him about the little brother dying. She's actually really sweet now. She explains how she wouldn't of left if she wouldve known about the dad. How should they both react though? How would a teenage boy react? That's what I wanna know!! Thanks!!
      He tells her about the brothers death. Typo there:(

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    According to what little psychology I studied (I was actually a communications/English major in college but I have hypnotherapy credentials) the only INSTINCTUAL love in the human gene pool is the love of a child for his or her parents. That's why so many adults get away with child abuse. Kids will lie for their parents - no matter how drunk, how abusive or how pathetic of a set of losers they are.

    A young teenager will always want to idealize the parent who ran away. Sure he was lonely, but he'll be trying to figure out all sorts of logical reasons for why it had to happen. At least that's what happened when I was a foster parent and the kids I took into my home were highly abused. It's one of the reasons states return abused children to their parents ... the kids make up excuses for horrid adult behavior and really just want to be with their mom or dad.

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    Author On Blog Tour

    Tami Jackson's Author Blog Tour will Being Feb. 14 - March 14, 2011 For Her Vampire/Werewolf Urban Fiction - Adventure Novel, Ravena & The Resurrected, first released November 2010.

    Free e-copy of Ravena & The Resurrected ($10 value) to any book blogger providing a review and/or hosting an author visit.

    NOTE: This book does have some erotic content. Romantic yearning. One sex scene; brief. (It is not appropriate for young children.)

    PUBLISHER:SunTiger MOJO, P.O. Box 8751, Covington, WA 98042, email: SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com.    url:

    The author is willing to make these types of blog tour stops:
    * as a blog guest (send Tami a subject to write about)
    * as a blog interview (email questions you want answers to)
    * live chat - you host
    * you suggest an idea for how Author Tami Jackson can best serve your book blog!

    BENEFIT TO BLOG HOSTS: Your URL will be promoted via the author's blog tour calendar (posted and links to that calendar and links directly to participating blogs will also be provided on the following social media and blog links.

    Twitter (new account):
    Main character's blog:

    Send email with your blog URL and state what you'd like to do (review the book and/or serve as blog host for the author).  SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail [dot] com

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    What Do You Think About The Vampire Frenzy?

    A question posted on Blog Catalog read as follows:

    Vampires everywhere

    What do you think about this new trend to have all kinds of vampire-shows on TV, movies and at the cinema?

    This is how I responded:
    Vamchoir I'm not sure "vampires on television" is such a new idea. Weren't The Munsters and The Adams Family mostly comprised of vampires? The only soap opera I ever really liked was called "Dark Shadows" (TV Series that ran from 1966–1971) and it had a resident vampire, witch, werewolf, ghosts, etc. (instead of mindless gossip, greed and lust, which is familiar to soap operas today). Dark Shadowst had an element of mystery and danger, while the main characters actually showed how much they actually cared for one another. 

    I'd rather watch fictional vampires shows, any day, than read about the REAL predators in our society who deceive people, destroy our economy and prove how hideous and greedy they really are.

    ~ Tami
    Author of Ravena & The Resurrected